Old drawings from 2008–2013

These are the drawings from my teenage days on Vox (which was made by Six Apart before it was shut down), but I don’t have the old graphics as my old Windows XP computer died as I used to own Paint Shop Pro 9 when I was 15 years old before I got Photoshop. Here are the old drawings.

Kamille concept art, 2011
Kaila (Mysims clothing style), 2011
I am in the middle, 2011
Some gargoyle (first try), 2007
This is what I used to look like in 2008
from 2008
Graves of theme parks and roller coasters, 2010
Nintendo DSi, 2011
Little Einsteins geta sandals, 2009
from 2010
from 2009

It’s recommended that you need to keep a set of old sketchbooks (from your childhood to a teenager) and maybe one day you can redraw your old artwork to see how you improved.



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Cory Roberts

Freelance illustrator, manga artist, and character designer. Definitely not on the fediverse because of its complications. (He/him)